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performance received a standing ovation from the jury and the audience . Her euphoria and relief were clearly evident through tears of joy .
For the final round they had just four days to create yet another , different act . She curbed her ambition this time and chose less stressful , “ simpler ” magic .
Léa appreciated and valued greatly the beautiful AGT sets which complimented and enhanced her acts . “ I could never have created performances with that production value without the help of AGT ”. Léa also credits her partner Florian and friend Jean Baptiste for her successes . Together they felt a great sense of team-work accomplishment , overcoming the odds with a “ we did it ” attitude .
Léa ’ s AGT performances won the respect and admiration of the viewers and the judges . She was clearly prepared , adaptable , talented and able overcome the significant pressure and time constraints the world ’ s largest television variety competition presents .
“ It was difficult , it was stressful and I would absolutely do it again . I would sign-up immediately ”.
America ’ s Got Talent LIVE – Luxor , Las Vegas
“ Being on AGT was the best experience of my life and now that experience continues with the AGT LIVE shows ” where Léa performs two shows nightly with great success . To quote Heidi Klum , “ seeing the act live , in person , is better ”.
I had the privilege to see Léa perform at the LUXOR in March and the miraculous speed of her visually-impossible magic outfit changes boggles the eyes and mind . The audience loved her and it is most definitely better “ live ”. In fact , if you blink you will miss a rapid-fire magic change .
Lea admits , “ When I started performing magic , I never imagined that I would perform nightly in Las Vegas for American audiences . When I arrived and saw the show , I couldn ’ t believe I was going to be a part of it . The cast were very welcoming and the audiences , they love shows and you can feel that energy on stage .
Secrets Revealed 1 ) I love video games , especially the Sims 2 ) I need at least 1 hour to get ready to go to a party . I ' m only fast changing outfits on stage 3 ) My favorite color is peach 4 ) I prefer to perform in front of magicians even if it is more stressful
Favorite Quote “ Fashion fades , only style remains the same ” Coco Chanel I like this quote because it pertains to more than clothing . Finding your own style , that sets us apart , isn ’ t that the essence of being an artist ?
Dream Encounter I would like to meet Arturo Brachetti . Not to understand his magic secrets , but , rather to learn about his journey to become the great artist he is today . I enjoy to learn the path people travelled before success , each journey is different , it ’ s really inspiring .
Favorite Photo This photo ( above ) is the obvious choice for me . I ’ d just won the title of French Champion in 2019 , Florian came onto the stage , from the audience and gave me a hug and kiss . It was a special moment full of emotions !
This photo perfectly sums up our life , we share everything , including each other ’ s happiness . We love each other very much .
12 MAY | 2022