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to have a laser-focus intensity helped me to achieve my goals on AGT . I put a lot of pressure on myself to exceed my abilities , to do my very best and to make the most of the opportunities . I lost over ten pounds during the final rounds ”.
The biggest challenge was time and the pressure to create excellent performance material , very quickly . Léa ’ s ability to fabricate and adjust
her own designs became one of her greatest strengths . At the time Covid restrictions were in full force . Léa and her partner Florian couldn ’ t travel directly to the US from France . The solution was two weeks quarantine in Mexico before arriving to the US for the AGT Quarter Final Live Performances . Upon arrival she had just two weeks to create a new act and one week to rehearse it for the AGT Quarter Finals .
Léa laughs when she explains she naively thought three weeks was difficult . She learned a new meaning of stress and pressure when she qualified for the Semi- Final round . For that round she had only two weeks to create , prepare and rehearse another new , different act . Her ambition and passion to excel and to present magic and quick-change that was new , fresh and novel pushed her stress levels to the
maximum . She worked day and night to create the most difficult act she had ever performed . Her rehearsal before the show was “ catastrophic ” to quote Léa . “ Imagine my state of stress , knowing I would be performing live in front of millions of viewers and being very aware of everything that could go wrong , having just lived that nightmare ”. There ’ s an old adage , “ bad rehearsal , good show ” and in this case it was proven to be true . Léa ’ s unprecedented
Léa appearing on Ellen
" Live this experience with someone very close to you because it is very important to have a person who supports you during this adventure !”
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