Vanish Magic Magazine 86 - Page 18

seem intimidating but it ’ s truly a door opening to greater impromptu performance responses .
That ’ s a lot of information ! Too much ?
NOT AT ALL . WHAT ABOUT THE FARO SHUFFLE ? The faro shuffle is an incredible technique when used on the table . I ’ ve never been a fan of in the hands faro shuffles as they usually resemble what they are , which is a very precise weaving or lacing of the cards . It isn ’ t simulating a more natural action . However a tabled faro riffle shuffle , which isn ’ t as hard as it sounds , can elevate every faro-requiring trick , simply by disguising the technique in an action that everyone is already accustomed to . Not to mention that the riffling action is supposed to cause randomness as well , not perfect order !
The technique to study from is from Expert Card Technique .
The one tip , and I think it really is the secret to understanding a faro shuffle , is -- well , actually there ’ s two : The first one is that a faro shuffle happens when a round meets a flat , or a corner moves along an edge . When you realize that , they just kind of work automatically if you let them . You need a loose grip so the cards can weave without being restricted by your fingers and gently running your thumbs up the back to simulate the riffling sound will produce a really great visual and auditory illusion . When you start to use it as part of your regular shuffle and combine it with a push-through shuffle , it will provide the most friction possible . That ’ s a good way to practice your push-throughs . So push-throughs will feel really easy with a regular riffle shuffle .
The second tip is that you need to know which way your cards are cut , if you try to faro and they just aren ’ t working out , turn the deck face up and try again . You should find that one way is more likely to faro than the other . Fortunately , if you do require tabled faros , most USPCC playing cards currently in production faro nicely when face down and from the face to the back . This will make sense if you have cards in hand !
YOU ’ VE GOT ONE PARTICULAR EFFECT IN YOUR PARLOR WORK I ’ VE HEARD ABOUT WITH 5 PLAYING CARDS ? Yes ! 5-0-5 is one of my favorite tricks in all of magic to perform . Ross Bertram had a very different approach to the Thurston five card vanish and reproduction . When I was a teenager I actually spent a great deal of time working on my backpalming so that I could perform that trick . Which I did ! Until I came
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