Vanish Magic Magazine 86 - Page 15

MAGIC ! That is my life .
I read , write , create , practice , refine perform , and generally obsess over everything to do with magic and magicians .
This is my journey and your boarding pass to be by my side along the way ! I ' d like to offer you the chance to sit in the front row and watch happily , or to take a step back behind the curtain and explore the deceptive side of magic with me and my incredible magic friends .
Through posts , videos , live chats , lectures , epic discussions and celebrations You will get to sit by my side as we explore the world of magic with some of the biggest names in our industry ! were working on to each other . Mostly card tricks of course . He absolutely blew my mind . The night went long and Chris dropped me off at my hotel afterwards . Nothing more was really mentioned until he called me in December and asked when I could fly out . I was working a 9 to 5 at that point and I was so excited that I basically called one of David ’ s assistants over and over assuming it was just a busy signal to get through to a travel agent to get tickets booked . Her missed calls must have made me look like I was nuts !
Anyways , that same day I was working and I told my higherups “ I have to fly to Vegas right now !” They gave their blessing and I was on a plane 3 hours later . I spent a few weeks basically immersed in the museum and secret warehouse . It was the most incredible experience to be surrounded by some of the most extraordinary magic throughout history . I was involved with the Christian Fechner collection , specifically the Houdin stuff . I was helping to connect the stories from the literature with the props , and setting them up for display . There were some fun connections to find in there , especially with some of the history of theft of M . Robert-Houdin ’ s Orange Tree and duplicates of it being sold to competing magicians of the time . We found that David owned the wallet of Sir John Henry Anderson , one of the purchasers of a duplicate of the Orange Tree . It was surreal to hold the wallet that potentially paid for the duplicate but it also highlighted how good and how far reaching word of the tree must have been for other big name magicians to buy copies of them . I still feel that effect would be great for a modern audience .
Come join us , we are doing amazing things !
SEPTEMBER | 2021 15