Vanish Magic Magazine #83 - Page 9

the force words , for a long time it seemed impossible . I finally found the solution . With the Remake kit , it is possible to customize your I-Force between different performances .
The Remake set will provide you with the necessary tools and a pair of new sliding discs for the force words . If you want to make yet another version , you need an additional set of sliding discs .
MY THOUGHTS : What I really like about this is that you can take this with you and be ready to do a book test using almost any book or magazine you find . You can borrow a book or have people bring books to your show . You can combine this with other book tests but in my eyes this is the best idea because you aren ' t using your own books . This is an incredible device that is extremely well built to hide the gimmicks and allows you to force TWO different words . In the routine performed on the tutorial you will
" A modern approach to an old idea with some new twists that make this a valuable tool for all menstlaists ." - Paul Romhany see Andreas uses his Facebook account to reveal a prediction , which is a photo of the two different force words , so you can get spectators to log on to your Social Media page . This is just one of the many ideas and everybody will come up with their own ways to use this tool .
This is a modern tool for magicians or mentalists that can be used on the fly and perform some very strong routines . The mechanics do all the work for you and the fact you can change the ' force ' words really makes this a powerful tool .
There are some ' extras ' you can purchase which will allow you to easily add more and more words , so if you find yourself doing backto-back repeat shows you can have different words for each show .
The motivation for using the camera case where the eye and camera are linked makes so much sense and allows the eye to focus on one thing just like a camera . One of the routines in the booklet includes a premise of phone addiction , another is a Rhetorical question premise .
Also included is a Google folder which has various routines and other ideas and as more and more people use this and share ideas Andreas will add to the folder . This shows his commitment to this wonderful tool and to all of this products .
A modern approach that makes so much sense and allows for more than any other version of this principle has done before .
JUNE | 2021 9