Vanish magic magazine #100 - Page 11

articles . For example , one month you could read about Anchal Kumawat , an amazing female star magician in India , and the next month have articles by famous scientists discussing how science and magic relate . The topics vary so much from month to month as my team and I reach out around the world to bring you the most interesting stories you won ’ t find anywhere else . The goal of having a truly international magic publication that reaches every corner of the globe has been realised when I look at the statistics of where readers come from .
Vanish is a 24 / 7 workload for me . I very rarely take a break from thinking about it , answering emails , or reaching out to people . This isn ’ t just magic related because for the past few months I ’ ve been working behind the scenes to update a major feature of Vanish . Trying to keep ahead of what is happening outside of magic in the publication world is also a big task . I find out what the trends are in digital publishing and try to implement features into the magazine . The latest one is a major step forward for any magic publication , and any magazine in general . Working with a team of developers we are now able to make Vanish much easier to read on mobile devices .
What does this mean ?
It means that when you subscribe to Vanish , you will have the option of reading the desktop version as normal . This is great if you want to work on a trick or look at the
illusion plans in more detail . If , however , you want to view it on your mobile phone while waiting in line somewhere , the magazine now automatically detects you are on a mobile device and will deliver you the articles in text format making it easier to read . You can now have your magic magazine with you wherever you go , and easily read the articles . You can do the same on a tablet or iPad . This is a big step forward , and I imagine other magazines will investigate this feature . The big step forward is you don ’ t have to do anything , the coding on the back end does this for you , and adjusts accordingly . This is just the beginning , and I have more amazing advances coming out . Vanish has always been about keeping ahead with the times and bringing readers the latest technology .
You can still download the magazine as a PDF and read it at your leisure . This new feature means double the work for me , as I now design two different layouts , but the result for readers is a huge step forward in making it more accessible .
Finally , I would like to thank you all for subscribing to Vanish magic magazine , and to every single person who has contributed over the past 11 years . If I were to list the names of people who have contributed the list would take up an entire magazine . Without the subscribers and contributors , the magazine would not exist , so a big heart-felt thank you to everybody . ■