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With Sean’s high-level energy and hyperativity, his hands stayed busy with learning & practicing new magic tricks. High School, where he invited Sean to do a performance during Spirit Week. Sean was 13 years old at the time and the performance ended up being a great success. Word spread of the amazing show, as well as from the many flyers and coloured, laminated business cards that Dale personally made and put under windshields, into mailboxes, and in the hands of corporations. Dale played a big part in starting up Sean’s small business at the time, wanting so eagerly to help set him up to succeed in the world. Sean went on to perform at local birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Christmas parties and more, and so began his career in magic. Toad Hall Toys continued to play a significant role in Sean’s life as he frequently visited and immersed himself in the magic tricks and props. It was a place where he could ‘talk magic’ with this new community he had found. He fondly remembers Guy Bedard, a magician at Toad Hall Toys, who recommended he join the Society of Young Magicians. It was there Sean was introduced to Bill Brace, Bob Barker, James Cielen, Dean Gunnarson and many other mentors who were instrumental in teaching and guiding Sean in his up-and-coming magic career. At age 15, Sean went to his first Wizards Convention in Minneapolis where he competed and won the second-place award. It was at this event where he met a fellow magician, David Farr. The two had much in common and eagerly shared secrets and routines. This friendship and connection developed between them over the years where they continue to collaborate and support each other today. By the twelfth grade, Sean was inspired to explore other avenues such as street performing, starting out at The Forks Market in Winnipeg. His eccentric personality would easily capture the attention of passers-by and provide them with mind blowing up-close 12 NOVEMBER | 2019 entertainment. Sean inherits his charisma and quirky personality from his Croatian mother, who has since passed. He describes her as a beautiful woman who was very passionate, highly confident, and who would always speak her mind. Sean is quite thankful to take after this ‘firecracker’ side as it brings energetic diversity to his performances on stage and allows him to have the confidence to go up to any person in public and boggle their mind with his tricks. He knows his career in magic would not be anywhere close to what it is had he not had her influence in his life. Sean’s mother unfortunately suffered from alcoholism, causing home life to be rather difficult for Sean, his older brother Greg, and Dale. Although this made for some poor memories, Sean chooses to focus on the positive ones of her where she made him laugh, and would encourage him to recognize his successes and attributes more so than his weaknesses. Shortly after graduation, Sean decided to expand his opportunities and head to the “Land Down Under” where his Aunt Marjorie resided. On the way over, Sean made a stop in Hong Kong and spent a month perfecting his one-on-one magic by watching and learning from the street performers he met along the way. His perfected skills came in handy when he was about to be mugged by a group of young men there and Sean was able to impress them with some magic while they were trying to taunt him. The run-in resulted in laughs and video recordings of his sleight of hand. Once Sean made it to Australia, he street-performed at Southbank in Brisbane for six months before returning home to Winnipeg. Sean’s early magic life was greatly influenced by watching performances of well-known magicians like Paul Daniels, Lance Burton and, of course, David Copperfield, as well as from the lectures he attended through the Magic Club of Winnipeg. Sean was so inspired to take his work to new heights and particularly loved James Cielen’s dove act, where he then decided to work with Kim Wilson and learn dove magic. Sean later had the opportunity to work with Dean Gunnarson, who taught him the Rope Escape trick, among other things. They performed in a show together with long-time friend and Hypnotist, Tyzen Paley. Sean Fields, an original magic creator, helped Sean come up with new sleight of hand techniques, while Magician Chris Funk was instrumental in helping him create astounding stage shows. There was never any shortage of encouragement or leadership from the wonderful people who have come into Sean’s life and had a part in producing the level of showmanship and performance we see in him today. Sean returned to Australia to perform for one year at the Sega World Theme Park in Sydney where he amazed the Aussies and tourists alike with his walk-around magic and stage shows. Sean continued his training there with mentors such as Sam Powers, who he collaborated with on stage illusions, and Ophir Zenou with close-up magic. In 1997, Sean saw a show performed by Joe Labero where he was strikingly impressed. He loved the way that Joe was able to do such a grand scale show while still engaging with the