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TAKE CONTROL OR YOUR SHOW BY JUSTINO ZOPPE We have all experienced it, showtime is at 7:30, I get to the venue and told I can’t set up till 5pm. I return 10 minutes early hoping to immediately start setting illusions, and rehearse with the crew, only to discover the venue is still being used for some other activity, like playing a movie for a packed house of 4 people! The movie of course is running overtime, so I start setting props quietly in the wings only to have the film finish 20 minutes late and now there is no crew to be found. I make a few calls and the stage crew saunters in, the good news is they used the 3hr film to make sure they are totally ready for my set up… oh wait, no they didn’t. An agonizing 20 minutes go by and they are just now starting to prepare the stage, meanwhile I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to set props, they ask me to stop and do a mic check, “No problem” except their mic is not working, it has a bad cable, so after 15 minutes of them trying to fix it, I politely give the headset back and say, “when you get the mic working let me know.” The Broadcast tech now says, “let’s try video,” perfect! Except, what a shock, video doesn’t work, of course they assume it’s on my end, so they ask me to change every adapter and setting possible before they realize “oh, we had the projector on the wrong input”… it is now 6:15 A/V is finally connected, something that should have been done at 5pm when rehearsal was scheduled to start. Now it’s time to program the lighting cues as fast as possible skipping over 24 NOVEMBER | 2019 details such as making it look good. 10 minutes until doors open, the production manager say’s, “ok let’s do a full run through” … um… ok? I don’t know how we could possibly rehearse a full 1hr show in 10 minutes! He responds by saying, “How are the Lighting, Sound & Broadcast operators going to know when to fire all your cues?” Suddenly all my stress disappears because it’s at that moment I say the most powerful “Show Saving” words in my vocabulary. “There are no cues to learn, because I control my own show!” The imaginary man in my head does a little dance, lol. I’d like to say this is a story I made up, however, many of us know all too well the anguish of these rehearsal disasters which have become the norm in venues all across the industry. Unfortunately this has become what seems like a weekly occurrence for me and my friends. This forces entertainers to make 1 of 2 choices, #1 Sacrifice their own show by removing all the best effects, routines, lighting, and anything requiring someone to learn the cues. Or, #2 take your show back and get full control of every aspect of the production, making your show look like it’s been rehearsed for weeks with every cue firing to the millisecond of perfection! Now this is all possible because of two outstanding systems, Qlab Show Control and Audio Ape Remotes. I first want to point out I do not work for either one of these companies, nor do I get paid for endorsing their products, I am a proud user of both of these systems and would never do a single show without them. Let me introduce myself, my name is Justino Zoppe, I’m a 7th generation entertainer and the first one in my family to produce and perform magic shows. When my wife Daniela & I first started producing our own Cirque, Dance Illusion show “Extreme Vegas” we required 7 stage techs and a minimum of 2 weeks of rehearsals before we could open the show. Fast forward to winter 2019, our latest production “Illusions and Beyond” had a full cast, 5 giant LED walls, 60 moving lights, 2 spot light operators, a cast of 9 performers on stage and well over 500 cues! The show was filled with tons of effects, blizzard machines, confetti cannons, streamers, and the entire show ran completely automated with only 1 stage tech backstage! No front of house crew at all! And