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LOUIE FOXX 13 SIDED DOLLAR Effect: You borrow a dollar bill from someone and talk about the all the “illuminati” and that their lucky number is 13. You show them all the hidden things that represent the number 13 on a dollar bill, ending with showing them how a dollar bill has 13 sides, with the 13th side being the dollar bill inside out! Needed: A regular dollar bill, a thumb tip, and a what I call the 50/50 Mismade Bill. This is a dollar bill that is mismade with the seam vertically on the front and horizontally on the back. To make one of these simply buy a sheet of uncut US one dollar bills and cut one out of the sheet with the seam vertically and another one horizontally. Split the bills and glue them together so you have a bill with the seams going different directions on each side of the bill. There is a group of people called the Illuminati, they are people that want to rule the world. They have all these hidden things. That’s the all seeing eye” “The pyramid is 13 bricks across and 13 bricks tall.” Point to the pyramid. “The words In God We Trust, has 13 letters” Point to the words, In God We Trust. “The eagle is holding 13 arrows and a its got an olive branch that has 13 leaves. 13 feathers on each wing.” Point to the eagle. You can use the other sides of the split bills to make a second bill. “The dollar bill is 13 centimeters across, while simultaneously 13 centimeters tall.” Set Up: Fold up the 50/50 Mismade Bill for the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch and put it in the thumb tip. The loaded thumb tip starts on your thumb. The regular dollar bills is a back up, in case no one has a dollar bill or is willing to lend it to you. Gesture to the edges of the dollar bill, the turn the bill over to show the face. Routine: “Do you have a dollar, I can borrow? You’ll get it back, if you don’t, I have one. Everyone thinks if it’s my dollar it’s a trick dollar.” If they have a dollar bill, use their dollar. If the do not have a dollar, or are unwilling to lend you one, simply take the one out of your wallet. “Do you know about all the hidden stuff in a dollar bill? “The picture of George Washington, who was our 13th president, the picture was taken when he was 13 years old and 13 years before the camera was invented. I have just told you 13 lies.” “How any sides does a dollar have? 13, count them. It’s got a front side and a back side, that’s two. Top side and bottom side, that’s four. Left side and a right side, that’s six. It’s got a right side up and an upside down, that’s eight sides” Turn the dollar over to show it upside down “If I fold it this way, it’s got this side.” Fold the dollar in half from left to right. “If I fold it like that it’s got that side. That’s ten” Fold the dollar in half again from top towards the bottom. “If I fold it up real small, it’s got an inside, if it’s got inside, it’s got an 14 VANISH Magazine