VANISH MAGIC BACK ISSUES Vanish Magic Magazine 50 - Page 10

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT MATT JOHNSON IN PLAIN SIGHT I'VE SAID IT BEFORE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN - THE MAGIC SQUARE IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST PIECES OF MAGIC/MENTALISM YOU CAN EVER PERFORM. MATT JOHNSON KNOWS THIS AND HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR CLOSE-UP AND STAGE ON CRUISE SHIPS FOR YEARS. I'VE PERFORMED IT MYSELF FOR OVER 20 YEARS AND FOR THE LONGEST TIME HAVE BEEN USING AN APP ON MY IPHONE WITH OTHER SECRET DEVICES. WHAT MATT HAS DONE IS TAKEN THE MAGIC SQUARE AND MADE IT ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYBODY AND FOR EVER LEVEL OF PERFORMER. PERSONALLY I AM NO LONGER USING MY IPHONE BUT RATHER USING MATT'S METHOD AND IT HAS MADE MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER. THE THINKING BEHIND THIS IS SO CLEVER AND THE FACT THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES MAKES THIS THE MOST PRACTICAL 'MAGIC SQUARE' ROUTINE I'VE EVER SEEN. IF YOU HAVE BEEN SQUARED OF THE MATH INVOLVED IN MAGIC SQUARES THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT HERE. THIS IS SO EASY TO DO AND THE METHOD IS EXTREMELY PRACTICAL FOR THE WORKER. 10 VANISH Magazine Have you wanted to perform The Magic Square but have been afraid to do so? Problem solved! The Magic Square - an extraordinary piece of magic and mentalism that layers the improbable over the impossible. For Britain's Got Talent sensation and long-time beard aficionado, Matt Johnson, The Magic Square was nearly perfect, except for the amount of intense focus and memory work that was required to perform the effect. Now Matt Johnson delivers a version that strips away all of that memory work and sets this powerful classic on easy mode! Never again strain to remember the secret numbers. Never again attempt mental gymnastics while you perform. Never again perform The Magic Square without Matt Johnson's In Plain Sight. What you receive: A hidden In Plain Sight gimmick that makes The Magic Square easy! Matt Johnson's version -- perfect for both close-up and stage! Nearly an hour of expert instruction taught by Matt Johnson 100% confidence when performing The Magic Square Focus entirely on your performance and your applause cue!