VANISH MAGIC BACK ISSUES Vanish Magic magazine 48 - Page 14

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT VORTEX MAGIC THE FORCE VORTEX HAVE PRODUCED TWO VERY ELEGENT WALLETS WHICH OFFER A HUGE VARIETY OF ROUTINE POSSIBLITIES. I WAS FORTUNATE TO GET ONE OF THE FIRST AND STARTED USING IT STRAIGHT AWAY IN WALK-ABOUT AND FOR MY CHAIR TEST ROUTINE. I LIKED IT SO MUCH I GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO SHARE MY STAND-UP CHAIR TEST ROUTINE THAT I PERFORM IN EVERY SHOW. IT IS THE MOST DIRECT CHAIR TEST YOU WILL EVER FIND. THE QUALITY OF THE WALLETS ARE ALL HIGH GRADE LEATHER AND WILL LAST FOREVER. I'VE USED BOTH FOR A LONG TIME AND CARRY THEM WITH ME ALL THE TIME. QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST PACK SMALL PLAY BIG TOOL YOU'LL FIND. AMONGST MANY OTHER THINGS THIS CAN DO ONE OF THE STRONGEST IS THE EASIEST AND MOVE CONVINCING VERSION OF THE FREE WILL PRINCIPLE BY DEDDY CORBUZIER. WITH THIS VERSION IT IS POSSIBLE TO ACTUALLY HAVE SIX DIFFERENT OBJECTS AND ONE CHOSEN - YOU WILL ALWAYS PREDICT THE CORRECT ONE. ONE OF MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS TO COME OUT IN A LONG TIME!! 14 VANISH Magazine The inspiration for THE FORCE came from an original idea by the late Wayne Rogers called Force Four. This version allows you to perform a numerous amount of incredible routines and is designed for the stand-up or stage performer - routines include a Murder Mystery routine, a "Which Pocket?" routine, and so much more... BONUS - Paul Romhany shares his CHAIR TEST routine, which is now possible using THE FORCE (Large), where the spectators get a FREE choice of envelope with color paper inside. They sit on the corresponding matching color chair and the colors and choices match his prediction exactly. One of the very best pack-small-play-big routines out there. Paul opens every show using this routine and THE FORCE. Designed for magicians and mentalists with lots of great routines. In the tutorial, you will learn how you can have SIX objects on a table and give the spectator a FREE choice of any - and your prediction will ALWAYS be correct. You will also learn how you can now have up to TWELVE multiple outs. If you can narrow down one suit, then you can give the spectator a choice of ANY card in that suit and it will be in the wallet in an envelope!!