VANISH MAGIC BACK ISSUES The Ehrlich Brothers - Page 14

BAMBOOZLERS DIAMOND JIM TYLER NEWSPAPER NUMBERS TRICK: The magician asks someone to choose any section from a random newspaper (i.e. Editorials, Front Page Section, International News, Sports, Entertainment, Classified Ads, etc.). He then asks them to remove any four page spread and to add up the four page numbers. The magician then divines the number they are thinking of. SECRET: This is a great routine that can be done impromptu. The only thing you need is access to a newspaper that has the traditional four page layout. After the spectator chooses a section take hold of it and explain what you would like them to do next. Your instructions will be to remove any page from that section and add up the four page numbers. Pantomime this action to be clear. The numbers to add up are the inside page numbers and the two found on the back of that same sheet. page. For example, the front page number might be page one while the back page number is page forty. Adding those two numbers together gives you fortyone. Now multiply that number by two and you’ll have your final result which is eighty-two. Think about it. If the front and back pages are 40 and 1 which totals 41 added together, then on the backside of those pages will be the numbers 2 and 39 which is 41 again. Fortyone multiplied by two is eighty-two. Every four-page spread in that section will add up to be eighty-two. It only takes a quick moment to glance at the back page numbers and do the math. This could also be done with a book. The problem with a bound book is that one cannot easily remove a four page spread. However, if you were to remove the staples from a saddlestitched book, you could perform the same miraculous effect. Once upon a time a good friend of mine gave me a beautiful antique dictionary. The binding came As soon as you have the section in your hands it is easy undone over time and several pages fell out and were to divine what their number will add up to be. Simply lost. Incidentally, I couldn’t find the words to thank him. add the numbers on the front and back of the first 14 VANISH Magazine