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Photo by Külli Kittus on Unsplash appointments . Offer your assistance and follow through with your offers . Follow your spouse ’ s lead in these tasks . Your presence alongside them is powerful and important .
Something Of A Gatekeeper . The


stream of people who want to show their support can be seriously overwhelming to a spouse who is grieving . This is an intensely personal and private time . You can shield your spouse by setting yourself up as the designated person who relays information to the outside world . your spouse ’ s parent ’ s

13Remember death anniversary each year as a way of honoring their death . You can prepare a simple tribute to their parent by inviting a few friends and family to your home to share stories about when they were alive .

Bringing everyone together to celebrate the life and memory of parent , can help move the grieving process along toward healing . Telling stories , reminiscing and sharing fond memories of that parent can be healing . Looking at pictures and videos and sharing rituals such as lighting a candle on their parent ’ s death day can also be helpful .
Professional Help If Their


Grief Seems To Be Getting Worse .
Typically , most people start to return to a previous level of functioning about three to six months after the loss . If your spouse is still struggling after this period , they might benefit from therapy . It ’ s important to give your partner space and time to grieve but it is possible for complex grief to shift into depression .
Never Really Stops . Things


just get different . Just show your love . Show up . Say something . Do something . Be willing to stand by your spouse . Be willing to not have any answers . Listen . Be there . Be a true partner to your spouse .
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