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Facial care

FACIAL WASH Mild , cleansing and moisturizing facial wash based on organic ingredients . With the knowledge that washing your face is the most important of any skincare routine , our facial wash is also made with a lot of extra thought and love . Just to make sure it is perfect . Vakinme facial wash leaves your skin smooth and taut and with a fresh scent of cotton . It will make you look and feel refreshed and awake ( even when you ’ re not ). Contains wheat protein that provides a pleasant feeling to your skin , witch hazel for protection and oat extract for smoothening and calming effects . Recommended for normal skin .
CLEANSING TONER AND REFRESHENER Mild , water based face toner with a touch of alcohol for freshness . Cleans the skin , closes the pores and gives your skin a fine glow . Vakinme cleansing toner and refreshener contains extracts of witch hazel and birch sap to provide a calming and caring effect . It has the same mild scent of cotton as the other products in this facial assortment . Recommended for normal skin .
Use Vakinme Face Toner and Vakinme Facial Wash on cotton pads and dab your face , neck and the back of your neck to finish the nightly cleansing of the skin . Use them in the morning to balance the skin ’ s pH and to remove the tallow produced during the night . Finish off by using your treatment products such as face cream .