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NATURALLY IN TOUCH WITH YOU With Vakinme we have found an inspirational way of expressing the essence of natural Swedish home and body products . By using certified organic raw ingredients with refreshing and calming scents , blended with respect for nature and environment , we hope to create a sense of well-being and timeless awareness . Moreover Vakinme is a journey and its products in all its expressions happen to be what will make your day more enjoyable and uplifting .
THE VAKINME FAMILY Vakinme ’ s family of products is based on three collections with three unique scents : Daggmossa , Björktuva and Åkermynta . All three are associated with either of the basic brand colours black , grey or white . The scents include more or less the same organic ingredients . You simply choose the fragrance , content and the look you find most appealing . From there you can always add what you need right now or will need later on .
In our basic assortment , you will always find soap , washing-up liquid , hand cream , body scrub , scented candles , body lotion , shampoo and conditioner .