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TRAVEL KIT Perfect for your next trip . This kit includes four small bottles with shampoo , conditioner , liquid soap and body lotion . 4x60 ml in the scent Björktuva .
BODY BUTTER A natural body butter based on organic ingredients that softens dry skin . Contains natural oils and fats that soothes and moisturizes the skin . Contains vitamin E .
FOOT CREME Our foot creme softens dry and hard skin . Contains shea butter which moisturizes , cares and protects the skin . The essential oils has a stimulating and purifying effect .

Everyday life

DISH WASHING LIQUID Mild and gentle detergent based on natural ingredients . Gentle to your hands . Will make your dishes sparkling clean while giving you an aroma kick .
SCENTED CANDLE A natural scented candle made of organic , biodegradable soy-wax .