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MOISTURIZING FACIAL MASK An enriching face mask with moisturizing and calming properties . Contains plant extracts from birch sap and witch hazel to calm and nourish the skin , while camomile and sugar extract moisturize and provide nutrients . Apply liberally to the skin , leave for 15 – 30 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water . Can also be used as a night serum before applying Vakinme Facial Creme Cotton .
FACIAL OIL An exclusive oil based on sunflower oil , thistle oil and jojoba oil . These treat your skin and enhance the elasticity . This oil also contains emollient shea oil and vitamin E which protects the skin . Containing blueberry oil protecting your skin with its antioxidants . Recommended for normal skin .
LIP BALM With a mixture of almond oil , jojoba oil , shea butter , sunflower oil , and aroma , this lip balm provides a long-term moisturizing effect . Works equally well in hot and dry or really cold climates and has a calming effect on dry lips .