UTD Journal Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2015 - Page 8

ESM – Students tend to have a lot of questions concerning ESM before jumping in. Some are curious of what they will learn, how will it benefit their diving, and others are only interested in one or two things that are introduced while taking the course, i.e. frog kick, proper weighting, or trim. We start them off in the classroom with a couple of lectures concerning proper weighting and rock bottom gas planning. Both topics introduce new concepts for most divers, and open up conversations concerning “what if” types of scenarios which makes the class more interactive and fun. Dry runs are also a new concept for most students, especially when they are introduced to a skill they are unfamiliar with. They enjoy the learning process of practicing a skill while interacting with the instructor and other students. UTD Instructor Chad Whitman. In the pool, we begin the course with no equipment, at which time the instructor can get a few strange looks. “Dude, I’m here for scuba course not free-diving” is always a fun exchange. The instructor begins by introducing breathing and buoyancy concepts that focus on using your lungs to control your buoyancy. Through the duration of the course, the introduction of equipment takes place and allows the student to manage each piece of gear individually. The students will now begin to realize that they manage the equipment, not the other way around.