UTD Journal Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2015 - Page 5

weeks back, I remember having a big grin on my face when an instructor from another agency came out of the pool telling me “don’t laugh but I’ve been teaching for years and I’ve just realized I didn’t know how to breathe. We’ve just reduced my weighting by 25%!” He was indeed over breathing to compensate for his over-weighted rig. His buoyancy was good but his gas consumption was high and his dives could probably have been more comfortable. Another recent student blew us away by not only achieving an almost p erfect frog kick, but a very passable back kick too – in one day! These experiences really brought it home to me that everyone learns something from these sessions: beginners, intermediates and even instructors – not forgetting the instructor giving the course! It’s all about keeping an open mind and recognizing you can still learn, whatever level you have achieved in your diver training. We have great fun giving these courses and love the way people can see real improvement in their diving skills in only one day. Our “before and after” videos help them remember where they have come from and allow them to share their ESM experience. Only one thing left to say: Take the challenge! Marine Owen – UTD Instructor, Dubai/Middle East and Africa TM