UTD Journal Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2015 - Page 4

Definition: Extreme Scuba Makeover, n. A one-day confined water Scuba class that will change your diving and your life. ESM – Extreme Scuba Makeover: just three letters to describe a huge opportunity for change. If you think the name is exaggerated, maybe it’s time to try one! One lecture, a few dry runs and a load of fun in the pool, that’s all it takes to go from a sea horse position to being flat, from kneeling on the bottom to neutral buoyancy, from ‘kick-up-thesand’ finning to an ocean friendly frog kick. All our students have made some very serious progress towards these goals during their ESM courses. The ESM is a powerful toolkit that can be used for beginners as well as experienced divers to learn or improve buoyancy, propulsion, trim and weighting. UTD Instructor Marine Owen. The reason I call it a toolkit is because as an instructor you’re always looking for ways to make the course interesting for the student, whatever their level of experience. I try to adapt the exercises to emphasize the areas that matter to each of my students rather than just going through a checklist. That usually means I have to identify opportunities to improve very quickly. We only have a day to get finished and there is a lot to do! For one it might be breathing, for another it may be propulsion. It’s always possible to find something to improve which delivers that “ah hah” moment and gets them asking about the next UTD course. Or even about teaching! A few