UTD Journal Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2015 - Page 14

RATIO DECO LIVE With Andrew Georgitsis Join UTD Co-Founder Andrew Georgitsis for a live one-day Ratio Deco class. The ratio deco course is designed to study, discuss, analyze and understand a wide variety of existing decompression models and their pros and cons. During the course you will develop a strategy wherein you apply the best of each of these theories to your personal diving. Ratio Deco is a methodology that allows a diver to apply various existing decompression models into a cohesive strategy that the team can apply during a dive. It is decompression “on the fly.” Ratio Deco is NOT a scientific decompression model or theory, rather it is an application of those theories. This is a live class that is academic only and will be conducted over one 8-hour day. We will be conducting it in person at UTD HQ in San Diego, CA and live streaming via the web, making the class accessible live to all divers worldwide. It will be recorded to allow the participants and others to access the recorded class later. You can join this class in-person class in San Diego or via the web stream. For more information contact Andrew at: ag@unifiedteamdiving.com Click the image to the left to register.