UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 7, September 2013 - Page 7

Once you complete your UTD Equipment Instructor Development Course you will be qualified to teach the UTD Equipment courses within your training categories. These are generally one-day classes structure as a “Mini.” Each student must register on the UTD website, complete the waiver and medical history forms, and purchase the online classroom materials for $34.95. You will set you own price for your class using our guidelines, but adjusted for your particular location and economy. As a dive shop or independent instructor you can also purchase discounted UTD Class Authorization Codes for $24.00 that give your students access to the online classrooms. You can then include the codes in the price of your class or resell them for $34.95. After the completion of the course/mini, you will be able submit an online evaluation for each student, after which they will be able to download a printable wall certificate of completion stating they have completed the class. The UTD Equipment Instructor Development Course (IDC) has a materials and registration fee of $350. The hands-on portion of the IDC is: • • • • $400 for Z-System (2 days) $400 for Marine Science Camp Instructor (2 days) $200 for Zuba (1 day) $200 for SUP/Kayak Diving (1 day) You will cover: • • • • • Standards and Procedures for UTD Equipment Diving The UTD Equipment Instructor Playbook The UTD Equipment materials UTD Equipment classroom presentations UTD Equipment pool skills and demonstration UTD Equipment ocean dives You will receive the marketing techniques andconcept tutorial to help guide you on getting setup in your location. To get started, contact us to set up an entrance interview. email jeff@unifiedteamdiving.com or call + 1 760-5879147, ext 2