UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 7, September 2013 - Page 6

Welcome to UTD Equipment Education Become a UTD Equipment Instructor - open new doors and opportunities in teaching adults and children who are ready to learn about using UTD Equipment in their outdoor adventures. As a UTD Equipment Instructor you can teach certified and non certified divers/students how to use the UTD gear: • • • • Side Mount Z-System – teach the fitting and use of the Z-System. Zuba Surface Supplied Diving – create a “Try” diving or Supervised diver program. Standup Paddle Board/ Kayak Paddle Boarding – Paddle, snorkel, and scuba together. Marine Science Kids Camps – A fantastic program you can implement into your dive center All these programs will generate additional revenue and add a unique program/class in your saturated marketplace. To become a UTD Equipment Instructor you must first be a certified Scuba instructor with a worldwide recognized training agency. You will need to add UTD International, LLC to your current instructor liability insurance policy. UTD Equipment Instructors are trained and qualified through UTD to provide education about UTD Equipment and how to market the “new” programs within your local community. For example, teaching the Side Mount Z-System as a UTD Equipment Instructor you will focus on gear assembly and fitting, basic operation in the water, and emergency procedures. The Z-System Side Mount Equipment course does not delve into the skills that are covered in the Side Mount Essentials courses – buoyancy, trim, propulsion, personal and team skills, etc. The UTD Equipment Education Program is designed just to teach the operation of the equipment. A Stand Up Paddle Board instructor can teach SUP not only as a stand alone class, but as an add on to your current scuba or snorkeling classes, or just simply as a dive tour. UTD Equipment Instructors are fully supported by UTD International LLC with materials, student completion certificates, and the ability to purchase insurance.