UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 7, September 2013 - Page 5

UTD’s progressive, building block approach to diving soon proved its worth, with students gaining skills on a step-by-step training path Essentials to Overhead Protocols to Cave Diver. Students know what to expect, come prepared for the next level of training, and I know what they know - this maximizes the training experience and the fun! There is no better location for overhead training than Tulum, the world center of recreational cave diving. Caves and caverns (cenotes) are within five minutes of Caveheaven, with the Caribbean just two miles down the road when you want to unwind. Unlimited visibility, 78ºF/25ºC water year-round, awesome underwater decorations, easy access and low-to-no flow conditions make Tulum unbeatable in terms of overhead training and cave diving, or preparing for and taking your IDC. This is where your Z-system really comes into its own! I do not cater to the masses. I want to provide a customized experience every time you come here. Whether guiding certified cave divers or training divers for the overhead environment, I believe Caveheaven can offer unparalleled service and enthusiasm, providing incredible quality training in UTD’s inclusive community. Caveheaven is Latin America’s only UTD The beginning of Cave Heaven Professional Development Facility for training instructor candidates, a 360º training facility and dive center, providing training, guiding services, accommodation, gear retail and rentals - all within the framework of the most beautiful caves in the world, just next to the Mexican Caribbean for open water diving and chilling out! I really believe we have the right mixture of enthusiasm and experience to ensure that you will have fun, safe diving with us at Caveheaven. Come and enjoy the UTD experience in Mexico! Saludos y hasta luego, Adam TM