UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 7, September 2013 - Page 10

Commitment, dedication and aspiration are three words to describe the recent UTD Instructors from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong who participated in the June 2013 IDC held in Puerto Galera, Philippines. These 5 instructors came from different agencies and backgrounds but with a common goal – to teach a consistent approach to team diving. Let’s introduce the five instructors. Meet the Newest UTD Asian Instructors Tony Tso is travels between Shen-Zhen China and Puerto Galera. He is PADI IDC staff and TDI cave diver. During the UTD IDC Tony woke up every Morning 6am to practice and always the last one out of the water. He is currently UTD Instructor 102. Jackey Lee has a diving store in Shang Hai, Qiandao Lake, Boracay Philippines. He started diving in 2003 in South Africa and progress from diver to Instructor. He is currently a PADI Master Instructor, IANTD Normic Trimix Instructor, DSAT TEC Instructor, CMAS Three Star Instructor and GUE fundamental diver. He is very comfortable in the water and very good in his skills. He is currently undergoing UTD Cave Diver training and aspire to be a caver explorer and UTD Instructor Trainer some day. He is currently UTD Instructor 103.