UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 3, May 2013 - Page 7

UTD Adventure Diving Closes the Gap How do you increase recreational diving skills past the simple advanced class? How do you know what class to take next? How to you move forward without going ‘tech?’ How do you expand your current skills using a building block process? Now there is a clear path to truly advanced recreational dive training. UTD’s Adventure Diving Program bridges the gap between traditional recreational dive training and technical diving. No longer is it necessary to take a Tech class, or a prep class for Tech, if all you are looking for are good skills, a little deeper, and a ton of fun. Adventure 1 tunes up buoyancy, trim, and proper weighting, then moves on to Essentials of Rec where you will hone your personal dive skills. If necessary, this is the time to move to a dry suit. Adventure 2 adds more time and more range. UTD Rec 2 trains you to 100’/30m using double tanks, either in back mount or side mount. The you will round out your ability to be a great teammate with UTD’s Rescue and Emergency Procedures class. Rescue is one of the most important and valuable classes you will ever take. Adventure 3 pushes the envelope a little. UTD Rec 3’s Helitrox class takes you to 130’/39m using a helium mix, eliminating the potential for nitrogen narcosis. This is our most advanced recreational critical skills class. In other words, this is where you will really learn to think underwater as you solve simulated problems. Then the fun begins when we add a scooter...more distance, more fun, more safety. The online classroom materials for Adventure Diving are complied into one Packaged Training Path. Purchase all eight classes in the Adventure Diving Group for only $299, a savings of almost $500. Contact your local UTD Instructor for more information on scheduling your Adventure Diving program. Click here to start on your path to Adventure!