UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 3, May 2013 - Page 2

25 years ago Rhea’s Diving Services was founded on the principle of bringing a higher level of dive training and quality equipment to East Tennessee. Their instructors have always taken pride in offering comprehensive education with the end goal of creating a safer and overall better diver. It is said “good divers are always training” and Rhea’s Diving Services owner/instructor Alan Williams has been doing exactly that! Alan has been on a mission to find a training agency with like beliefs for all levels from the novice to advanced technical diver regardless of equipment configuration (single, double or side-mounted tanks, SCR/CCR rebreathers, etc.)  He found that with Unified Team Diving (UTD)! Alan successfully completed the UTD Foundational and Side Mount IDC in March, 2013 and already has students participating in Extreme SCUBA Makeovers. Rhea’s Diving will be offering the “UTD Adventure Diver” program for customers seeking an ideal training path to improve skills and enhance diving fun! The UTD Adventure program adds a new level of personal and team skills to traditional recreational training and is the next logical step for all divers interested in a higher level of training and diving. Rhea’s Diving Services owner Alan Williams (left) with UTD Instructor Trainer Jeff Seckendorf.