USG Boral USG Boral Corporate Brochure - Page 9

WHAT WE DO We strive for continuous improvement in our support and service of customers, business partners and stakeholders. With around 3,500 employees, USG Boral is a leading manufacturer and supplier of gypsum based wall and ceiling systems, suspended ceilings, metal framing, joint compounds and high performance panels operating throughout Asia, Australasia and the middle east. We are well positioned to service the Australian market with manufacturing facilities in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, supported by an Australia-wide distribution network of approximately 100 company-owned stores and independent resellers. We pride ourselves on our local distribution coverage, making sure our customers are equipped and have access to USG Boral products and services. ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN CONTRACTING We seek to promote thought leadership and drive innovation in the Australian building industry. Our industry leading tools – including Systems+, eSelector and BIMWIZARD™ – are designed to optimise project planning and design, while our specialist Architectural, Engineering and TecASSIST™ teams are always ready to provide technical advice and onsite support. We are committed to supporting those who build by investing in purposeful innovation to improve building performance and productivity. Our range of acoustic panels – including mineral fibre ceiling tiles, specialty ceiling systems such as metal ceiling tiles, baffles and suspension systems (featuring leading brand DONN® and Rondo) – underscore our reputation as an industry leader and supplier of choice. SHEETROCK® is Australia’s lightest* plasterboard; featuring lightweight technology it’s 15% lighter than our standard plasterboard and features Sag-DefyingStrength™. This award-winning plasterboard is easy to transport, cut, snap, install and clean up – all of which can save significant time, effort and cost on a project. Lighter. Faster. Stronger. We have the innovations to help you build for success. *Lightweight claims based on comparison of USG Boral 10mm and 13mm SHEETROCK plasterboard with competitive 10mm and 13mm plasterboard produced in Australia as at 1 April 2016. 09