USA East Music BULLETIN - WINTER 2019/20 - ISSUE 4 - Page 18

NEWS PRAY FOR FREEDOM NYC - By Major Sue Dunigan When I think of UNBOUND, a few choice words come to mind... Anointed, Powerful, Insightful... Heartfelt but with precision.... Master musicians playing their best for the Master. When I was in the process of selecting the program participants for our first ever territorial “ Pray For Freedom” evening of Prayer and Worship to stand up against Human Trafficking my immediate thought was to have UNBOUND lead the worship for the evening. Their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the needs of the congregation is without a doubt: superb. They are not just excellent worship leaders, but they become totally immersed in the worship experience that they are leading. I was particularly blessed by the women of UNBOUND leading the worship for our evening. That spoke volumes to the congregation especially with the sensitive topics we were praying for throughout the program. I look forward to sharing in worship again with them in the future as they continue to take the lead in drawing us all into the presence of the King. ■