USA East Music BULLETIN - WINTER 2018/19 - ISSUE 1 | Page 15

contrasted with the livelier passages written in the second half of the work. His technique and range were both outstanding, leading to a well deserved standing ovation at the end of the work. Though this piece was composed in 1988, it remains fresh and enjoyable to listen to 30 years later. This was contrasted by 2 other items, “Frosty the Snowman” (arr. Sandy Smith) and “Benedictus from the Armen Man” (Karl Jenkins). The former item was a light-hearted arrangement of the well-known Christmas song that again featured marvelous technique and range shown by the soloist, along with some humor. The “Benedictus” was the final item presented on the program, and featured everyone that took part in the program – the Montclair Citadel Band, Derek Fenstermacher and the Orpheus Choir. It was lovely music that provided a fitting ending to a wonderful night of music making in glory to God at this special time of year. ■ Derek Fenstermacher’s items presented with band accompaniment were memorable on this evening. His first presentation of Martin Ellerby’s “Tuba Concerto” clearly indicated that we were in the presence of a performer who was a master of his instrument. Derek’s lovely legato treatment of the opening tune of the concerto T H E S A LVAT I O N A R M Y U S A E A S T W I N T E R 2019 | USA EAST MUSIC BULLETIN • 15