USA East Music BULLETIN - WINTER 2018/19 - ISSUE 1 | Page 7

W R I T I N G G U I D E L I N E S The Salvation Army Eastern Territory American Band Journal Composer’s Guidelines Guidelines: 1. Level of difficulty equal to Level III AIES to easy General Series. 2. Keep rhythms and lengths reasonable and logical. 3. Use range guidelines shown. Notes in parenthesis must be used sparingly. 4. Use score order as shown. (Template available in Sibelius only.) 5. Send original Sibelius files only. If you use Finale or any other program please send PDF’s along with the music program files. 6. Write approximate duration of the piece on the score only if hand written manuscript. b 7. All optional parts (ie., E . Sop. Cornet, Flugelhorn, Baritone, Bass Trombone and Percussion) must be cued in another part if they are used in a soloistic or non-doubling manner. 8. Do not cue non-optional parts. 9. Cornet I is the only part that may be divided. If divisis do occur, one of the notes must be optional and written as a cue. 10. Basses: Since this series is often performed with b just one bass, it is important that the E Bass is b cued into the B Bass part if it is used by itself, and vice-versa. 11. Be sure to include metronomic indications along with directives throughout the piece. Ex. Allegro moderato (q = 112) 12. It is important to remember to include directions of style and technique, such as cantible, or marcato, or vibrato, etc. 13. It is equally important to include articulation, dynamics and phrases. • The piece should be written for brass band scoring (American Band Journal format – see ABJ Guidelines). • The total length of the piece should not exceed 100 measures. • The piece may not have already received a premiere or been published or recorded. In addition, the piece should not be awaiting publication with any publisher. •The piece should contain Christmas public domain songs.