USA East Music BULLETIN - WINTER 2018/19 - ISSUE 1 | Page 4

Neil Smith Band Abundance (Venables) Hope (Larsson) Craig Lewis Band Lord, Lift Me Up (Smith) To The Highest (Venables) Duncan Horton Band WSB 100 (Stein) You Are Life (arr. Horton) Enter, Enter (Ling) Sir Duke (arr. Richards) Harold Burgmayer Band Raise the Song (Morton) Finale from Symphony #4 (arr. Gordon) Ken Waterworth Band Assignment (Bright) Boundless Kingdom (Ponsford) Stephen Cobb Band Glorifico Aeternum (Jones) The Fruit of the Spirit (Larsson) Derek Lance Band Let There Be Light (Ponsford) Fearless (Wainwright) Nick Simmons-Smith Band Thy Matchless King (Collier) Martyn (Heaton) Exultate (Downie) WATCH THE FINALE CONCERT HERE Dr. Cobb spent several minutes detailing his relationship with General Larsson and it was a real privilege to be present for a conversation and learning opportunity between these two leaders. Following this rehearsal the whole camp spent a free afternoon in Hollywood. This was a great experience for many, especially those who had never visited California before. Later that evening the whole camp rented a bowling alley for several hours and spent New Year’s Eve bowling before returning to camp and continuing the celebrations. Following the worship service the Star Lake Band travelled to the StubHub Center and rejoined the rest of camp for our first official marching practice for the Rose Parade. It is always a race against the clock to prepare for the Parade and we were fortunate that after a few trial runs the band’s ability to stick together and navigate the difficult turns had improved greatly. After this practice the massed band returned to camp, where we had a final rehearsal with our new individual bands to end the day. The following morning, January 1st, was the day of the Rose Parade and thus a very early start to the day. Wheels rolled at 5:30 and although we were all very tired, there was a definite feeling of excitement as we began in many ways the culmination of the entire week. For those unaware of the parade route, the Rose Parade is a 5 mile parade straight down Colorado Boulevard. This is one of the most famous New Year’s Celebrations and parades in the world. This year was particularly special for the Salvation Army as it marked the 100th straight year that a band from the Army has participated in the parade. This was the largest and most diverse band that ever marched from the Salvation Army and it was truly a privilege to be a part of history. Kevin Larsson wrote two pieces designed especially for this group to perform during the parade – “Amazing Grace” and “This is Our Story”, both of which are centered on traditional hymns in the church. These songs translated remarkably well to a marching band style and we were fortunate to have these arrangements for such a special occasion. After the parade, those that were not too tired had the option to spend a free afternoon in Santa Monica. Nearly all of the USA East members chose to go, and for many this was a highlight of the trip; the pier and the beach in Santa Monica are often considered some of the best and most beautiful parts of California and this was certainly true this afternoon. Once we returned back to camp, we had another individual band rehearsal and then it was off to bed. Wednesday was the last full day at camp for the USA East members. After a final “last chance” rehearsal with our individual bands, 4 • USA EAST MUSIC BULLETIN | W I N T E R 2019 the camp departed for the Tustin Ranch corps for the final performance of the week. This was a concert everyone at camp had been looking forward to and, along with the parade itself, was one of the true highlights of the week. All 8 individual bands had the chance for 12 minutes of music and it was fascinating to see the choices bandmasters made with their given time. After the last band’s performance, the massed band took the stage once more, this time conducted by Kevin Larsson, to close out the evening with a performance of “Auld Lang Syne” (arr. Robinson). It was a fitting end to the program and a perfect capstone on a week full of highlights. All in all, the Salvation Army’s participation in the Rose Parade this year was excellent and the USA Eastern Territory was very well represented. It was a historic occasion that has never occurred in this way before and we were reminded of this throughout the week. There were so many highlights that occurred during our time out west and I believe it is safe to say that everybody from the East boarded our planes for home feeling fulfilled. It was a marvelous opportunity for the future of the Army to unite and present music for the Lord, and this mission was certainly accomplished. ■ W W W. M U S I C . S A CO N N E C T S . O R G