USA East Music BULLETIN - WINTER 2018/19 - ISSUE 1 | Page 20

REPORT FROM CALI By Rachel Dina, Cleveland Temple, OH Upon our arrival in LA, California for the Tournament of Roses Parade, all participants started our week off right away with a combined rehearsal at Camp Mt. Crags. For our first rehearsal with the bands from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and America, we began practicing for the Rose Bowl Bandfest. This rehearsal was a great way to jump into the week, as we met many people from other territories and learned how to blend and move as a group. The next couple of days were focused on playing and marching for the Rose Bowl Bandfest as well as preparation for the Sunday morning meetings. As a collective group we rehearsed and performed “Fanfare St. Francais”, “Amazing Grace”, “Dies Irie”, “Auld Lang Syne”, and “This is Our Story” on the Pasadena City College field. The next day each Territorial Youth Band played at a different corps for Sunday morning. The Eastern Territory attended the Santa Ana Corps. Romina Morton preached in Spanish that morning to the Latino congregation. The next couple of days were focused on preparing for mixed band rehearsals and for the parade itself. The mixed bands were made up of all the members of the Territorial Youth Bands along with chaperones, and were lead by the leaders of the youth bands. The groups were set up so that a participant did not play under their own leader. What a great time! A new leader, new music, and many new friendships established. We rehearsed in these groups a few hours each day culminating in the final concert on Wednesday night that was livestreamed. When we were not rehearsing we were often visiting popular California attractions 20 • USA EAST MUSIC BULLETIN | W I N T E R 2019 such as Hollywood, the Santa Monica Pier, Old Pasadena and of course DisneyLand. As for the parade itself, as a band of 400 musicians, we memorized arrangements of “This is My Story” and “Amazing Grace”. I am sure everyone in the group would agree that the experience was a once in a lifetime event. We not only marched in a parade that is televised around the world but also represented our love for God. The parade was a perfect way to start the new year and was followed by even more opportunities such as marching in DisneyLand. To sum up the week… it was filled with blistered feet, tired lips and long bus rides, but also amazing once in a lifetime experiences. There were a ton of laughs, new friendships formed, new music played and many people witnessed to. ■ W W W. M U S I C . S A CO N N E C T S . O R G