US Brightwell Catalogue 2022 - Page 74

Eco-friendly chemical dilution and dosing systems for precise , safe and reliable chemical management for the professional hygiene industry .
The ECORANGE is a selection of proportioners and manual dosing systems :
• Dispense up to 5 chemicals in high ( 4 gal / min ) and low ( 1 gal / min ) flow applications
• For use with spray bottles , buckets , sinks and other cleaning containers
• ECOMIX and ECOMULTI proportioners are developed with patented dilution pin technology
• The accurate dosing offered by ECOSHOT makes it the recommended dosing system for use when sanitizing and when a water source is unable to be plumbed
74 75 WAREWASH DOSING WAREWASH DOSING BRIGHTLOGIC IP INDUSTRIAL PROCESS SYSTEM ACCESSORIES The BrightLogic IP is ideal for crate, bottle washing, single-cycle or conveyor dish machines. The system can dose up to three chemicals. You can choose a combination of high-flow or low-flow pumps up to a maximum of three. The first pump is always high-flow. The versatility of this system means it can work in cyclic mode, with conductive and inductive probes or by using the timed/signal mode. TUBING Peristaltic pump tubes are critical to the performance of any dosing system. All BrightLogic tubes are fitted with barbed connectors and quick couplings are available. We offer a variety of tube materials and tube connectors to best suit your installation. KEY FEATURES CONDUCTIVE PROBE • Suitable for crate, bottle washing, single-cycle or conveyor machines • Brushless motors ensure maximum return on your investment • Turn off prime and pump stop facility • Service Tech test screen that shows if signals are connected • Volt free switch contacts • Access codes for added security • Enhanced multi-level programming • Multilingual programming • Option for brand promotion on enclosure • With a maximum of three pumps you can mix and match the pump sizes to suit your application • Also available with a diaphragm pump Monitor and control the detergent level in the dish machine with our temperature compensated conductive probe. The conductive probe consists of electrodes which are in direct contact with the detergent solution. The conductivity measured between the electrodes is directly proportional to the detergent concentration of the solution, allowing automatic control of accurate detergent dosing. INSTALLATION KIT A line of installation accessories can be provided to help with installation. HANGING BRACKETS Hanging brackets keep containers off the floor and facilitate easier floor maintenance. Each bracket supports up to a 5L container. SPECIFICATIONS: BRIGHTLOGIC IP VOLTAGE / FREQUENCY 100–240V AC / 50–60Hz CURRENT 0.15A (@240v) POWER 36W SIGNAL SUPPLY 12–240V AC or DC OUTPUTS 24V DC, Buzzer/Lamp 24V DC 500Ma, (10W) max FLOWRATE ½” Brightchem (maximum @100% 870ml/min) (minimum @40% 285ml/min) ¼” Brightchem (maximum @100% 35ml/min) (minimum @20% 3.5ml/min) TUBE OPTIONS Grey-Silicone, Brightchem, Norprene CONTROL CIRCUITRY Microprocessor controller with 16 x 2 LCD display, programing via five key external keypad, security access code MOTOR 24V DC, 600mA with 80RPM gearbox ENCLOSURE Glass-filled polypropylene IP45 APPROVALS • EMC 89/336/EEC • EN61000-6-2:2005 • EN61000-6-3:2007 • LVD72/23/EEC • EN60335-1:2002+A2:2006 DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT (APPROX.) Height: 11¼”, Width: 6”, Depth: 5½” Weight: 3.5 lb SUCTION LANCE The suction lance allows you to safely manage your chemical usage. When connected to the dosing system it sounds a buzzer or lower-level alarm module when the chemical reaches a critically low level. VACUUM FLOW SENSOR A sensor used with the Quantura range to trigger a chemical depletion alarm. This works when using chemicals supplied in enclosed bags.