US Brightwell Catalogue 2022 | Page 7



At Brightwell Dispensers , sustainability is part of our company ’ s ethos . We promote a greater awareness of environmental issues to our suppliers , clients and staff . We continuously work towards the principles of sustainable development in all areas of our activity .
We are an ISO 14001 accredited company . ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies what is needed for an environmental management system . This system encourages us to consider , evaluate and improve our overall sustainability and impact on the environment as a result of our daily work practices .
• Follow the principles of sustainable development wherever practicable
• Responsible disposal of hazardous waste and chemicals
• Maintain accreditation to ISO 14001
• Recycling in our on-site recycling centre . We endeavour to use recycled material across our dispenser lines . For other waste such as wooden pallets , cardboard and general waste we use eco-friendly waste management companies
• Efficient machinery and production via investment in energy efficient equipment and processes
• We install low energy LED lighting and use a closed-circuit water supply system for cooling our injection moulding machines
• Educating and encouraging staff to apply the same principles as followed at work to other applications
• Contribute , wherever possible , to any local initiatives designed to promote environmental awareness and to improve the quality of the environment
By continuously evaluating and improving sustainability , we are able to understand how we can further reduce waste , minimize our impact on the environment and make cost savings . We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and are continuously working to improve and reduce our overall impact on the environment .