US Army Europe K-12 INBOUND PCS Handbook Aug 2016 - Page 10

PCSing the Student Athlete Moving with a high school athlete can present challenges. You want to ensure that the sport your child loves is available in the school you choose and that your child has a shot at being on the team even though he/she will be a “newbie”. It all comes down to RESEARCH, REPUTATION, being REALISTIC, & being READY! RESEARCH: the options available in your new location. It may impact your home choice, so do it prior to choosing a place to live. A School Liaison Officer can assist you with information about the local schools and put you in contact with athletic directors at various schools and community programs. You can check out the school websites which your SLO can also provide. Contact the school to find out if there are any training dates or camps prior to tryouts or school starting. REPUTATION: Often a student athlete is frustrated by a move because he/she has worked hard to earn a reputation with their coaches. Bring that with you! Request a letter of recommendation from the current coach prior to leaving. Take video of the athlete in action to bring along. Have any statistics at hand. In cases where a student might miss tryouts make arrangements to send a video link to the coach . Be REALISTIC: Not all sports are available everywhere. Some locations are willing to start programs if enough students are interested. Your athlete might find they enjoy yet another sport that you hadn’t thought of. Have an open mind. Some locations may also offer private or city recreation programs that have great travel teams. Some locations may have more intensely competitive programs than you are used to, You may enter a school with a relaxed attitude about competition. Some locations may conduct your sports season at a different time of year than you are used to. Be READY: Have an up to date sports physical with you so your athlete is ready to start from day one if necessary. Be sure the physical meets the new school’s requirements. Find out what equipment and supplies are the responsibility of the student to ensure you have what you need. Make contact with a current team member to find out about anything perhaps not listed on the site. You might be able to connect to an athlete through the Youth Sponsorship program, through a guidance counselor, or the athletic director. Ask your SLO for help! Maintain your nutrition and workout schedule even during the move. Your athlete doesn’t want to be out of shape when tryouts start! Now go out there and WIN one for your Army Family team! PAGE 10