Urbane Gazette Volume 5 - Issue 1 - Page 4



Nestled on the crest of an original sand dune , “ Dune ” is an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends contemporary design with the rugged beauty of the Western Australian coastline . Inspired by the surrounding environment , the home ’ s design is a tribute to the natural elements that surround it , boasting a unique aesthetic that ’ s both striking and functional .
Inside , “ Dune ” offers a spacious and open floor plan that invites the outdoors in . The elevated living areas provide uninterrupted views of the ocean , while the secluded alfresco area offers a protected space for relaxation and entertaining , creating a private and tranquil oasis for homeowners .
The interior of “ Dune ” features luxurious finishes and attention to detail . The use of natural materials such as timber and stone further connects the home to its coastal environment . The us of large windows throughout the home , allows natural light to flood the living spaces .
Photographed by LP Visuals
“ Dune ” offers multiple living areas , including a lounge and a patio . Dune offers its occupants multiple living and entertaining areas . The master suite features a private ensuite with stunning ocean views . Overall , “ Dune ” is a stunning example of modern coastal architecture that offers a luxurious and peaceful retreat from the outside world .
Learn more about Dune on our YouTube channel , where Steve and Tim Davies guide us through the architecture and landscaping of this wonderful home .
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“ We are truly proud of the home . We think it ’ s nestled in this sand dune beautifully , its surrounded by beautiful landscape , and the spaces just seem to work , we are always proud to come back once we completed the home and experience these spaces .”
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