Urbane Gazette Volume 4 - Issue 4 - Page 4


Urbane is Creativity

“ Design ”, first word from the Urbane motto , design + build + live , has always been a fundamental element of our identity . Design is more than the design of our homes , it involves designing the best experience for our clients , designing the best process for an efficient workflow , designing a brand where all stakeholders relate to .
On the creative level , Urbane is multidimensional . To be able to effectively communicate our creative rendition to our clients , in their preferred medium , we need to be attentive and address every step of the design journey with attention and an open mind .
Some clients are more visual , leading the design process with a sketch and 3D modelling approach , others are more verbal and analytical , leading to a more discussion and working drawing focused approach .
Photographed by Laundon Peacock
Creating from our clients ’ ideas and expectations ; from their imagination , we must adapt our approach to the individual and let their personality shape the journey . This level of adaptiveness and responsiveness to design requires our team to master a range of technological tools and nurture a fluid mindset with a solution focused design thinking .
The Urbane team , being diverse in skillsets and professional collaborates on each home to be effective in finding a creative solution in both design and construction scenarios .
“ Design is seen not with the eyes but felt with the heart .”
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