Urbane Gazette Volume 4 - Issue 4 - Page 3

Photography by Laundon Peacock

We are Urbane

A brand , a vision , a journey .
Our refined designs in both architecture and brand appearance always remain unmistakably Urbane : “ Simple but Significant ”.
Urbane is a brand ; Urbane is our team and our subcontractors ; Urbane is our clients ; Urbane is an idea , similar to one of a home . It takes shape and is reshaped in the mind of everyone engaged in the process . Urbane is a collection of minds passionate about design and build .
“ Being asked what is Urbane ? For me Urbane is difficult to describe as it is ever evolving with the people and process we are continually challenging ourselves to create . It has a different definition and meaning depending on who you ask . If I had to pick one word , Urbane for me is not just about designing and building homes , it is The Journey to Home .”
Steve Gliosca www . urbane . net . au ( 08 ) 9329 9560 info @ urbane . net . au