Urbane Gazette Volume 4 - Issue 4 - Page 13

Photographed by Lanie Sims

Scalability and Growth

Scalability and growth are crucial components of a brand . Being able to sustain growth consistently can be challenging . At Urbane , we are focused on growth , we consistently explore new initiatives to grow as a brand and as a contributor to the growth of the overall industry through collaboration and sharing of intellectual resources .
Some initiatives we stared this year and are looking forward to developing more in the year to come : Home is a Journey - to enhance our customer experience ; “ their journey to home ”
Creative Sphere - a place to collaborate , innovate , and learn The Urbane Difference - new curated content including videos , billboards , and all media we use to present our work
Urbane Property Network - a solution to facilitate the process of investing in real estate from design , construction , and marketing . www . urbane . net . au ( 08 ) 9329 9560 info @ urbane . net . au