Urbane Gazette Volume 4 - Issue 4 | Page 10


Urbane is Collaboration

An interview with Tim Davies , Managing Director - TDL Landscaping
Tim Davies is one of Urbane ’ s long-serving and a reliable sub-contractor . Tim met Steve before he started Urbane and they worked together on several commercial projects and later on the landscapes of two of Steve ’ s own homes . Being two individuals equally passionate about design and build , the collaboration between us has lasted more over 20 years with the prospect of many more to come .
As a continuation from our previous Urbane Gazette publication , enjoy the rest of Tim Davies ’ interview with words about his passion for what he does and tips to consider when planning the design of your new landscape project .
Photographed by Laundon Peacock What do you love about your work ?
“ I think I ’ m very fortunate to have a career in landscape design , construction , and maintenance as I ’ m a lover of the entire process and enjoy seeing projects come together and develop over time . I really love hearing from a client their wants , wishes and desires around their home and garden . I enjoy the process of building a picture in my mind of the simple framework of a landscape , and then coming back to the office and engaging with my design team in the collaborative , back-and-forth process of producing a concept plan . In the process of then building and maintaining it , I get to build very long relationships with clients and their gardens . By their nature , gardens are ever changing and have a life of their own but well resolved landscapes will stand the test of time and can be reshaped and adapted in subtle ways to suit the needs of the clients and refresh and enliven the space . Having these long relationships with projects also informs every new project that comes along , and I think that really is where our approach adds the most value .”
Tim Davies
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