Urbane Gazette Volume 4 - Issue 2 - Page 9

Ash-Lee joined Urbane 4 weeks ago through our Creative Sphere initiative . She is currently studying interior design at North Metropolitan Tafe where her current assignment consists of creating a design proposal for a kitchen in Nedlands . With a creative family background , Ash-Lee ’ s mother an artisan colour specialist and her father in building and construction , she was drawn to this creative background ; naturally , from a young age , artistic work has always been part of who she is .
After being introduced by a family friend to Urbane ’ s work , she was determined to discover the practice of design and construction with us . She comes to the office once a week and has the opportunity to consult our design team for advice or guidance if required with access to Urbane resources .
After starting a university degree in visual arts , Ash-Lee did not find her calling in the conventional academic approach which guided her career to a more practice focused path . Intrigued by the aesthetic and function complexity of the built environment , she rediscovered a passion for interior design which is now the drive of her academic journey .
“ Design is so much more than art . It ’ s a path of continual learning to understand how people interact with their
environments , and to find solutions that bring comfort and function to their lives . To me , there is so much harmony to be gained from expert craftsmanship and simplicity .”
Ash-Lee Clarke www . urbane . net . au ( 08 ) 9329 9560 info @ urbane . net . au