Urbane Gazette Volume 4 - Issue 2 - Page 4


A Study of Structure and Form

A very important part of creating a first image of home is to create coherence between structure and aesthetics while ensuring an efficient capture of surrounding natural views and ingress / egress functionality . At this early stage of the design process , our design team use a “ cardboard like ” render style to avoid distractions from colours and textures to focus on structure and form .
Focusing on geometry at this stage helps to settle on the “ skeleton ” of the home and allow our clients to move to the next stage where they can focus on details without having to think of the external structure again . Understanding our clients ’ requirements for their home is the key element here . Identifying the different rooms / areas per function and assembling them to create a well-balanced , livable environment .
Structure and form will define the street appeal of a home and is what sets it apart and making it stand out of the lot . It is quite common in our industry for people to contact us to discuss their project after seeing one of our homes under construction , sometimes even before the home is completed .
Artwork by Rob Santella
Being both designer and builder provides us a greater advantage when designing the structure and form of a home . Complex architectural details can be conceptualised and addressed with little delay in communication . A seamless workflow allowed from a collective of professionals within our team and a well-established network of trades and suppliers .
“ A designer inhabits every home they create before the completed outcome . In their mind , they occupy every room and every space and open every door and window . They constantly ask themselves : is this space welcoming enough ? Does this home offer a suitable living + working environment ?
Does this home create the necessary drama and intrigue ? By doing so , a designer can say with the assurance , that as the client moves in , all the rudimental questions have been asked , addressed , and answered .” www . urbane . net . au ( 08 ) 9329 9560 info @ urbane . net . au