Urbane Gazette Volume 4 - Issue 2 - Page 3

Steve Gliosca with a client , Christine Cass-Ryall .

Human Focused

People have always been at the centre of our design ; A home only truly comes to life from the people inhabiting the space . For us , the greatest reward is to witness our clients using the space we have imagined .
Every home we design is an interpretation of our clients ’ lifestyle ; a tool to experience life and a facilitator to create the lifestyle they aspire to live . Designing for a family , we break down our thought process into 1 ) the family as a whole and 2 ) each family member as an individual to accommodate both the family needs and their personal needs .
“ For me there is nothing like being invited by a client to their home and seeing them use the space we created . Basic day to day activities become a denominator of success for us where complex designs facilitate simple tasks for a seamless lifestyle .”
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