Urbane Gazette Volume 4 - Issue 1 - Page 4


Urbane Property Network

Launched earlier this month , the Urbane Property Network aims to connect home buyers and investors whilst allowing the freedom to make design modifications or upgrades to materials and finishes upon purchase . To a buyer , this initiative provides a design and construction experience without the tedious process of authority approval for construction while being flexible and adaptable .
For the investor , the Urbane Property network proposes a complete marketing solution - emcompassing realistic 3D images and videos featured on our website and additional marketing material like “ for sale ” signs , flyers , catalogues and more , as required all designed exlusively in-house by Urbane .
With a reliable network of collaborators , we have the assurance to propose a cost efficient and effective solution . Being the designer , builder and promoter on a project facilitates the accuracy and consistency beween initial illustrations and the finished home .
Artwork by Rob Santella
With an influx of investors approaching Urbane to design and build their development property , we created the Urbane Property Network as a solution for our new clientele .
Adopting this new practice allows Urbane to offer our followers exclusive access to unique designs in curated locations .
“ Real estate cannot be lost or stolen , nor can it be carried away .
Purchased with common sense , paid for in full , and managed with reasonable care , it is about the safest investment in the world .”
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