Urbane Gazette Volume 3 - Issue 4 - Page 7


Rob - A Jack of all Trades with a Bobcat

Rob has an impressive 30 years of experience in the field from Perth to down South areas where he used to undertake projects on properties owned by prominent Perth professionals . Throughout his career , he worked in different areas of construction from the Melville Shire , Nedlands Shire , schools in Palmyra , Crawley , and Claremont among others .
Previously , Rob owned his own dairy and cattle farm , which he believes is not very different from his work in the construction industry where every problem and solution can be seen as a “ farming solution ”.
“ My favorite part of the work is the challenge each site proposes and it keeps me going until the job is done .”
Rob Murnane RGM Contractors www . urbane . net . au ( 08 ) 9329 9560 info @ urbane . net . au