Urbane Gazette Volume 3 - Issue 4 - Page 4


A Multi Generation Space

A home with family at its core . “ Reborn ” was designed to sustain the lifestyle of a three generational family and provide both privacy and functionality to each resident while keeping a consistent flow and aesthetic throughout the space .
A significant renovation and extension built around the existing home structure with a substantial increase in overall surface area . Using a lightweight wall cladding system to the upper floor extension allowed design flexibility while ensuring a long last construction solution .
The interior space was visually extended by opening up the space and creating a light and bright color palette . The use of extensive glass panels in lieu of solid walls allows natural light to funnel from the alfresco area through the interiors .
Photographed by Cedric Louis-Jean
Hosting a three-generation family , renovating this home held a strong sense of nostalgia with some family members really attached to its original architecture . By keeping the flow of space almost intact , our design team managed to transfer a similar spatial experience to the new build ; a sense of familiarity in a new , modern home .
This home is a true testament of what can be achieved with clever design and reliable construction expertise : a space where everyone can express themselves individually and connect for family moments .
“ We are thoroughly enjoying the new home and couldn ’ t be any happier for how it turned out . The brief we set in the initial stages , of a three generational home cohabiting in a light filled home has been exceptionally met .”
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