Urbane Gazette Volume 3 - Issue 3 - Page 4


A Collector ’ s Home

A home created from a distinct design brief . The owner , being an avid collector of clocks , wished for a space to display his collection with a 1909 Louis Miere as the piece de resistance .
Being positioned at the center of the staircase and being almost deconstructed in form , this magnificent show stopping piece allows the viewer to discover the intriguing mechanism from different angles as they escalate to the upper floor . The intricate pieces of this 1909 Louis Miere are normally hidden encased in a bell tower but they are in full view here !
An overall contemporary design with touches of nostalgia . From the rustic feel of the stone cladded walls to an almost Edwardian style kitchen , and clocks reminding us of a time long forgotten . A contradiction which was the inspiration behind this home ’ s project name “ Timeless ” - its ability to carry us back and forth through time . The architecture portraying the present and interiors representing the past .
Photographed by Dion Robeson
The expansive use of glass to the upper floor offers sweeping panoramic views of the Swan River whilst also allowing glimpses of the interior . The open canopy adds to the feeling of light and space to this area . The linear architectural features from the stone cladded wall to the extended alfresco area , drives the eye to the river underlined by a rich and dense tree canopy .
The angled gutter feature presented a complex engineering challenge due to the height differences . With the help of a dedicated construction team and reliable trades , we were able to find the necessary mathematical solution to keep the design intent throughout the structure .
“ They always say time changes things , but you actually have to change them yourself .”
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