Upper Case Display Catalogue 2019 Display Catalog 2019_UC - Page 68

LARGE FORMAT TEXTILIES AND LARGE FORMAT MESH MESH AIRMESH VEIL POLYESTER 115G Large Format Printed Graphics An excellent alternative for Frontlight, due to its Are you organizing a concert? You need to put perforated structure. It is lighter and may be graphics which will be clearly visible to the used for large-format prints placed on crowd? Speakers can be excellent advertising scaffoldings and building facades. Another carriers! For this type of display we recommend advantage of Mesh is its increased resistance Airmesh as an excellent solution. It is a to tearing caused by gusts of wind. This polyester mesh with a loose weave, also material has fire retardancy certificates for known as speaker mesh. Arimesh does not following versions: B1-270 g/m2, M1-330 distort the sound and allows to use of speakers as an unconventional advertising display. It has g/m2. a B1 flame retardancy certificate. UPPER CASE – EXHIBITION & DISPLAY SOLUTIONS  Very thin (52 g/m2) textile which allows the graphics to be visible on both sides of the print. This material is used to create a 3D effect on prints by matching two layers of fabric, e.g polyester 210 g/m2 with veil in front. This creates the possibility to combine prints in order to obtain the effect of depth and movement in the graphics. 3D banners can be finished with metal rods and hanged using metal clips. Veil material has a B1 flame retardancy certificate. Polyester printing material allow graphics to be seen from both s perfectly suited for production of b conventional flags or flag banners. 68