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blACk ’ s GRovE mouNtAiN bikE RACE
October 2021
12.5-13 mi . of bike trails Fat bike trails groomed in winter
blACk ’ s loop - 2.0 km This beginner ’ s loop takes you gently up and down over Oak Creek into a beautiful woods of oak and pine .
RiDGE RuN - . 3 km This trail through the pines offers a great view of Oak Creek while connecting you to Alpine Loop . Listen and you may hear an owl who lives on the “ run .”
AlpiNE loop - 2.7 km If you are ready to challenge some hills , take this oneway loop out to the northern end of the park . Once atop the first hill you can ski or hike a lovely ridge overlooking the creek . Here ’ s where you will get a chance to gain some speed on the downhill .
pit RuN - 1.6 km This northern most one-way loop is for intermediate to advanced skiers and conditioned hikers . It is a good place to practice going both up and down . Winding through the woodlands , you may see a deer along the way . Once you ’ ve completed the “ Pit ”, return to the parking lot via the second half of Alpine Loop .
5th Annual
October 2021
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